New Water Fountains, Lent, Mom/Special Friend Day and Book Fair!

May 01, 2019

We have so many things to be thankful for during the Lenten season here at the First Presbyterian Preschool. Our teachers and staff feel truly blessed by God’s presence, along with the love and support from our families and the church congregation. Usually, when people think of Lent it is as a time to give up something we value, which reminds us of what Jesus gave up for all of us. I also see it as a time of not just sacrificing but also giving to others. Here at the preschool, we have so many examples that demonstrate how wonderful our FPP family is, and how they have touched our hearts in a kind and giving way.

The Building & Grounds Committee recently provided the preschool with new and upgraded water fountains. We are all so grateful for their generosity in providing these new fountains for everyone, and for the continued support in updating our school. I am sure the committee enjoyed the handwritten thank you notes from the children!

During the six-week Lenten season, Sarah has been sharing stories from the Bible where Jesus performs miracles or heals the sick. The stories, songs and prayers she teaches to our children are a highlight every Monday and Tuesday morning. We are so thankful for Sarah and all the love and joy she brings each week.

Every year we have our Mom’s/Special Friends Day at the preschool. This year, as it is every year was an incredibly special time for those who participated. The children created the invitations for their Mom’s/ Special Friend, and then presented them with their amazing handmade gifts at the event. As you can imagine, it was priceless and many hearts melted that day!

We also want to call attention to our fabulous Parent Board and Fundraising team, Erin Buelt, Samantha Trace and Jenna Zilka who held a Book Fair during our Mom’s/Special Friend days. The support and giving from our families, church congregation and community was incredible. As stated above, we are blessed and we are truly thankful!

Many Blessings,
Kristina Mills

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