Second Trimester of Extended Day Begins, Creatures of the World projects, and another Alumni story!

February 05, 2019

It is wonderful to see all the big smiles and happy faces on the children returning back to preschool! It was a nice long break and so many of our students have grown since we last saw them in December. We are back in the swing of things at the preschool as we began our second trimester of extended day programs. The teachers enjoy teaching these classes, and the children are having fun in them as well! See some great photos of the children and teachers!

January is a time our classes continue to work on projects for our curriculum study of Creatures of the World. The Voyager classrooms are transitioning from the Rainforest unit to exploring sea animals. The younger students from Explorer and Discovery classes will be learning about animals in the Arctic region. The Odyssey class is continuing their study of the Rainforest.

We hosted a Parent Education event for our Voyager and Odyssey parents on Thursday, January 24th which focused on Kindergarten Expectations and Preliteracy Awareness. The Lake Forest and Lake Bluff Curriculum Directors, Susan Milsk and Kellie Bae, were there to speak and answer questions. We also had a panel of parents with Kindergarten children in the Lake Forest and Lake Bluff schools to help answer any questions parents may have about the transition into Kindergarten. We are so blessed to have such a great connection to our kindergarten schools, and supportive parents who are so giving of their time.

In the classroom, our teachers are preparing for our Parent-Teacher Conferences which will be held February 6 & 7th. We always look forward to connecting with parents and walking through their child ‘s development progress at the preschool.

It is truly a blessing to be in a community with so many families that have been a part of the preschool, as well as the church. We have an update from the Driscoll family with information on their two children who are alumni of the preschool, Sean and Gwen. This information can be found be found below!

While our 2018-19 school year is half over, we are excited about the enrollment registration progress for 2019-20 as classes are definitely filling up. Please go to and register your child now to secure your child’s spot in our upcoming classes!


Catherine Driscoll and her children Sean and Gwen:

Sean attended the “First Pretend Berry PreSchool” for two years, 1998-2000. Gwen only attended for one year (October birthday…), 2001-2002. 

Sean is finishing a Mechanical Engineering Degree at Marquette University this year and will graduate in May. His favorite teacher was “Mrs. Pizza,” Sue Peecher. Love her. 

Gwen is a sophomore at Elon University, studying entrepreneurship in the Business School.

Both loved 1st Presbyterian for its nurturing teachers and rich curriculum. And who can forget the 12” sledding hill! I also fondly remember being a guest reader – always fun to be in the classroom.

I also served on the Preschool Board for a few years, but can’t specifically remember when. 

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