Get Involved

  • Our school brings students and families together all year!

    If you are new to the area or returning home, you can count on First Presbyterian Preschool to provide a feeling of community for your family.

    Lifelong friendships are built here.

  • We like to think there is a sense of belonging for not just our students, but our families too.

    Annual Fall + Spring Gatherings
    All students and families are welcomed at an event to see friends, old and new.

    Moms’ Night and Dads’ Night
    Students share their classroom with mom and dad separately (or another special grown-up), introducing new friends and showing favorite activities.

    Annual Art Fair
    Students’ artwork is proudly showcased while each class’ thematic projects are displayed as well.

    Striving to stay competitive and thriving, social fundraising events provide scholarships, enrichment training for staff, and classroom equipment improvements. Last year, the school added another classroom from these fundraising efforts.

    Fall Fundraiser
    Hosted by our parent board, this event brings teachers and parents together for a fun evening in support of the school. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year.

    Our school inspires parent involvement. A dedicated parent board meets monthly with key educators to create a holistic viewpoint to best serve First Presbyterian Preschool’s needs.

    Please, meet our parent board or reach out for ways to get involved! From making playdough for the classrooms to serving as a library aide, there are so many ways – big and small – to get involved!

    2023 – 2024 Parent Board

    Chair – Amy Mynhier (
    Chair Emeritus – Mary Birkhauser
    Secretary – Brittany Smith
    Communications – Katherine Teske, Kristi Bernardi
    Parent Programs – Mallory Babel, Sylvia Baldwin, Wendy Laesch
    Fundraising – Caitlin Bourne, Nicole Buttron, Brooke Hubbach, Maren Hussain
    Financial Manager – Lenka Vrazda
    Enrollment Manager – Suzanne Carberry
    Teacher Representative – Katie Thompson
    Church Liaison – Kristie Finley

    Parent participation is a vital function of the First Presbyterian Church Preschool. Each family is asked to participate in school events and serve on one of the Parent Volunteer Committees. We sincerely hope that this responsibility will be regarded as a privilege. Parent participation is an integral part of the school, a source of pride to the children and a tremendous help to the Preschool.

    Click here for details and to sign up!

    Thank you for your interest in working for First Presbyterian Preschool!

    We are currently not hiring for any positions.