• What Our Parents Have to Say About Our Preschool

    The First Presbyterian Church Preschool has established a deep and well respected reputation within the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff community. Known for its dedicated staff, age appropriate project-based curriculum and support of families, the First Presbyterian Church Preschool continues its tradition of preparing young people for a lifetime of learning. Preparing young people for their educational journey is an aspect of the Preschool that will never change, even while the Preschool continues to update technology, equipment and the latest in teaching practices (About Our Faculty) .

    The Preschool is proud of its fine reputation and we look forward to teaching young people for years to come. Here’s what others are saying about the Preschool:


     “We feel so fortunate to have found First Presbyterian Preschool. Having moved from out of the area, we felt so welcomed by the community. The director and teachers are extremely caring and communicative. The school/staff’s innovative ways of developing the whole child- emotionally, socially, and cognitively are unparalleled! As a prior elementary school teacher, I have always been so impressed with the staff’s dedication to making learning meaningful and fun & feel confident my daughter is prepared for the elementary school setting!”

    Lauren Murphy


     “When our oldest child turned three, I visited several preschools in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff to get the lay of the land. From my first interaction with First Presbyterian Preschool’s director, teachers, and parents, I knew without a doubt this was where we wanted to be. First Pres sets the stage for a lifelong love of learning with a joy-filled atmosphere, creative and caring teachers, fun-filled, play-based curricula, and outstanding enrichment offerings and special programs. Weekly faithbuilding was a draw for us, as well, and has been a wonderful addition to our children’s faith formation.

    I really can’t say enough about how much our family has loved First Presbyterian Preschool! Our older son attended three years, our daughter completed two years, and our youngest son is now in his third year at FPP in the Odyssey program. Our older children were absolutely prepared for kindergarten and beyond – academically and emotionally- and our youngest is well on his way. And it’s not a stretch to say Mrs. Peecher is still my 12-year-old son’s favorite teacher of all time!

    The growth we’ve watched our children complete each September to May at FPP is astounding. The preschool has been a tremendous blessing for our family and we wholeheartedly recommend it. ”

    Beth Thomas


    “We love First Presbyterian Preschool! It really is such a great community of families and teachers. The teachers, specifically, are fantastic. Not only are they highly qualified, they make learning fun and continue to find new ways to engage the students. They help foster a love for learning in the children. Additionally, the class size, enrichment opportunities, and family involvement make the preschool unique. We are lucky to have such a wonderful program in the area.”

    —The Hugill Family


    “We are so thankful for the opportunity to have sent all three of our sons to First Presbyterian Preschool. The amazing teachers and staff were nurturing and creative in all of their well-planned lessons and units of study. My children were always learning and growing while having fun in the most age-appropriate way. They all left First Pres with a solid foundation and were beyond ready for Kindergarten.”

    —Erica Granado


    “I have been at the First Presbyterian Preschool for the last eight consecutive years. I have two children currently enrolled in the school. Three of my oldest children completed their preschool learning here and then went on to attend Lake Bluff Elementary School. They are beyond prepared for kindergarten, both emotionally and academically.

    “The environment at this school is so warm, welcoming, and inviting. And the staff — it’s easy to see how much they love both teaching and the students. They put much effort into making an interesting, fun, age-appropriate curriculum that changes every year. They also make each child feel special and welcome. My older children still love to visit the school and see their former preschool teachers. I love to see their faces light up when they see each other!

    “All of my children had such a positive introduction to school. This provided a great springboard for a lifelong love of learning — what a gift! My children are all curious and enthusiastic learners and I firmly believe this all stems from this preschool experience. I had a kindergarten teacher once tell me how easy it is to spot a child from this school. ‘They are the most prepared for kindergarten, both emotionally and academically. They are excited about school from the get-go. And they’re really considerate little people.’ What an endorsement!”

    —Annie Atzeff


    “Having my daughter born in London, England where children can be on school waiting lists for some time, I actually called to get on the First Presbyterian Church Preschool “waiting list” when she was just a few weeks old! I was clearly a little over-eager and did not need to sign her up for a few years yet. Nevertheless, before we even moved back to the north shore I was convinced that I wanted my daughter to attend this school. I came to witness the happiness and joy that comes from being here from my younger sister who attended the Preschool 20 years ago. To this day, we still giggle at my sister’s gorgeous Fitzgerald class photos and remark at how happy those children were & are. There is a certain happiness and joy from learning that my sister took away from the First Pres Preschool all those years ago; I too wanted that for my daughter. Today, Isabella bounces to and from school and is truly inspired by her teachers and the energy they offer. My philosophy is that preschool should be playful, inspiring and creative. In two short years, Isabella is already exuding that joy and inspiration.”

    —Jessica Daehler