Classes are back in Session for the Preschool, and Extended Day fun has begun!

September 28, 2018
  • We are now in the second week of our classes for the preschool and so far, things seem to be running pretty smoothly which is a testament to our wonderful teachers and staff! It is so nice to see the halls filled with families and excitement in the eyes of children as they head into the classrooms to meet their friends. We are all starting to settle in and times like this are when we feel truly blessed to be part of such a wonderful program. I was reminded of this very thing the other day when one of our new teachers confided in me “ I cannot believe I am teaching here! It is great to be here and to work with these wonderful children every day.” It made me stop and thank God, for his help in all that we do.

    Aside from starting the school year, we have had several events, which I wanted to call attention to as well. Our Parent Board is currently busy selling First Presbyterian Preschool t-shirts for our first fundraiser. We have close to full participation in this fundraiser and we are excited to have our first Spirit Week with students along with staff wearing our FPP t-shirts on designated days in October to show our school’s spirit. We also hosted the Family Fall gathering at West Park recently. It was wonderful to see families take time out of their busy schedules and make the effort to meet new and former preschool students. The teachers are always thrilled to see former First Pres students!

    On September 26, the preschool also hosted an evening Parent Education presentation where we gave an overview of our new Handwriting Without Tears Program, which we are implementing this year.

    Lastly, on October 12, our amazing parent board will be hosting the Fall Fundraising event, which will be held at the home of Pam and Robert Metz. We are all looking forward to spending some time outside the classroom to connect with our FPP parents. It will be a great kickoff to lead into the following days Stay-treat events here at the church.

    Please enjoy looking at the photos of our students participating in our new Extended Day programs!

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