Alternate Drop-off/Pick-up Schedule for Rummage Week

April 24, 2018

Rummage week is upon us! In the past, parents have voiced the challenges of having an entire week off of school between spring break and the end of the school year, and so the decision was made to have school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday while rummage set-up was happening. As we prepare for next week (April 30 – May 2), we want to thank you for your patience and grace, especially as we navigate this together for the first time.

Like the Preschool, Rummage is a ministry of First Pres Church. The church accepts donations yearlong of items ranging from clothing and sports gear, to household items, accessories, artwork, furniture and more! The church hosts two sales, a smaller one in the fall that only uses the lower level of the church and the large sale in the spring. What not many people know is that all items not sold the day of the sales are donated to local agencies, and that all proceeds, over $100,000, from the sales go directly to our mission partners. Thank you for helping us with the ministry God calls us to in helping our neighbors.

As we prepare for this week and the overlapping of ministries, the safety and integrity of your children and the preschool program is on the forefront of our thoughts. Drop off and pick up will be the only parts of preschool affected. The preschool classrooms will not be used, and only preschool staff will be in the preschool hallway. There will be volunteers setting up in the Sunday School classrooms on the 2nd floor on the other side of the security door. As is our standard, the security doors leading to the preschool hallway and entrance will be locked during preschool hours.

Be prepared to see a lot of activity in the parking lots during drop off and pick up. The church hires men and women through an agency (an agency that does background checks on their clients) to help with the heavy lifting and moving of boxes and furniture. They are a variety of ethnicities and wear red scarves and will be working throughout the church campus. In addition, volunteers from the church and community will be wandering between the church, parking lot tents and Parish House (the building next to the playground, where volunteers get coffee, snacks and are served lunch). Sarah Seccombe will be present in the parking lot during drop-off and pick-up to help make sure things are moving safely and smoothly.

To the left is an overview picture of the church campus. The entirety of the Sheridan Road parking lot is tented over, and half the Deerpath Road parking lot (the other half is assigned handicapped parking), allowing for only 1 lane of traffic from Deerpath to Sheridan road. As you are dropping off/picking up, please drive slowly as someone may be exiting a tent.

Please come at your designated time. If you are early cars will not be able to pass you and it will stop the process and flow of pick-up and cause traffic backing up on Deerpath Road. If you come early, you will be asked to continue through and circle back around. Again, we appreciate your patience to help insure that we can operate this in a smooth and less disruptive manner.

If you are picking up siblings or other children for a carpool, please notify your classroom teacher via Bloomz. We will make certain that the children are grouped together for one dismissal and will confirm directly with you what time you are assigned to pick up the group.

Below is the drop-off/pick-up schedule for April 30, May 1 & 2:
8:30 drop off on the playground
11:15 pick up on the side door
8:55 drop off at the side door
11:25 pick up from the playground
9:05 drop off on the playground
11:35 pick up at the side door
12:15 drop off on the playground
3:15 pick up from the side door
**In the event of inclement weather, all drop off and pick up will be from the side door.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Kristina Mills, Sarah Seccombe or Kristie Finley. Again, thank you for your patience and grace as we are all working together.

Kristina Mills, Preschool Director – m.203-417-4826
Sarah Seccombe, Dir. Children’s Faith – m.847-347-4788
Kristie Finley, Interim Pastor/Family –

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