Celebrations to End the School Year!

June 01, 2019

The preschool has so many beautiful things to celebrate with Teacher Appreciation week and Mother’s Day. Our teachers were showered with so much love and support from our Parent Board and our wonderful families here at FPP. Mother’s Day is a special time, and the students are sure to mark this special day honoring their Mom’s with beautiful handmade creations of painted flower pots, hand-painted tiles, and flowers. They are all creative and definite keepsakes for Moms to cherish forever.

As I have mentioned throughout the year about God’s presence in the preschool, here is an example of God’s love and spirit shining through.

Jack Bourdo is a special boy and anyone who knows Jack is aware of how kind, gentle and thoughtful this young man is. Proving this point, how many five-year-old children do you know that would have a birthday party and request for all their gifts to be donated to help his school? This is exactly what happened at the end of April this year. When planning for Jack’s fifth birthday, he and his family decided to invite the entire First Presbyterian Voyager class to his party to celebrate. The invitation also offered a suggestion to the other children who were attending. His request was simple – instead of bringing him a gift, please provide a book so it may be donated to the First Presbyterian Preschool. The Voyager class all participated in bringing a book to be donated to the preschool and Jack was beaming with pride to deliver to me a bag full of wonderful stories for our students all to enjoy! We will think of you Jack when we read them for years to come to our students here at First Pres. We will remember your sweet smile, your generosity and your act of kindness as it is an exemplary act. You are a very special boy whom we can all learn from.

I know as your reading this, it is bringing a smile to your face and a feeling of joy. This is what God’s love feels like – a warm embrace! And Jack has certainly brought this to all of us. Thank you Jack!

Kristina Mills

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